Introduction to Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Whats a Bus Plug

Motor Control Centers in Power Distribution

Motor Control Centers in power distribution systems include circuit breakers and circuit breaker enclosures, switchgear, MCC Buckets, switchboards, transformers and panel boards. Motor Control Centers control the electric motors involved from one central location. MCC’s can involve Manual or Automatic Control. A lighting control circuit may be turned on by an operator.  Automation Operation is preferred where circuits can be controlled without operators.

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 Motor Control Center Components include pilot indicator lights, MCC buckets, programmable controllers, variable speed drives, transformers, motor starters and various electrical switches and contactors and more. Motor control centers are often in corrosive, dusty manufacturing settings where electrical motor and drive enclosures are needed in the MCC.

MCC Voltage Ranges in Low Voltage AC Motors: Motor Control Centers are often seen with low voltage three-phase AC Motors from 208 V to 600 V. Medium-voltage MCC’s for larger motors run at 2300 V up to 15000 V. Now you have a basic idea of what a Motor Control Center (MCC) is, how it works, and why it’s used.


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