Motor Control Center (MCC) Retrofitting



Aging and obsolete low voltage motor control centers, can become a big problem. This is especially true in cases where the original manufacturer is no longer in business, or a motor control bucket series is no longer supported. As time goes by: age, workload, and the elements take a toll on your motor control center buckets. This increases the chance of catastrophic failure and can render your process out of commission until a replacement is found. This is why at Select Equipment Company, we created the “Bucket to the Future Program”.

With over 20 years experience in professionally remanufacturing & retrofitting motor control centers and MCC buckets, we can update your existing buckets with today’s components and technology to make them last for many years to come! Our program eliminates the cost of unit replacement, extended down time, and numerous other fees involved in the case of MCC failure. Most of our customers see a 40-50% savings, versus complete replacement of the MCC structure and or buckets. We utilize a core set of UL listed components to build your bucket. All MCC buckets come with a 1-year warranty, and will arrive ready to install.

Why Retrofitting makes sense:

– Safer and more reliable MCC buckets
– New components allow for better process control & reliability
– Extends the life of the current motor control center
– Older MCC buckets can be connected to an industrial network such as DeviceNet

We do all types of MCC retrofits:

Non-reversing starters
Reversing starters
Multi-speed starters
Reduced voltage starters
Soft start, reduced voltage starters
Variable frequency drives
Feeder circuit breakers
Main and tie circuit breakers
Custom units, including surge protection and metering