GE 7098 Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

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General Electric 7098 Low Voltage Motor Control Centers — Reduce Maintenance, Increase Safety, Boost Capabilities, Maintain Reliability 

General Electric 7098 Low Voltage Motor Control Centers can have a long lifespan. MCC structures and internal buswork almost always outlive individual MCC buckets, which are prone to breakdowns and MCC obsolescence. So why replace an entire General Electric 7098 MCC motor control center when problems start occurring with the MCC buckets? There are General Electric 7098 MCC services and options that can keep your General Electric 7098 MCC operating for years to come.

Direct Replacement GE 7098 MCC BucketsGE 7098 MCC Bucket

Class 1 Reconditioned direct replacement 7098 MCC Buckets are readily available in our GE MCC bucket inventory. Purchasing a direct replacement MCC Bucket minimizes downtime and ensures the original footprint of the MCC remains unchanged. If you have a limited maintenance budget and want to upgrade your MCC over a long period of time, direct replacements are a great option.

Retrofit OEM GE 7098 MCC Buckets

Prefer to have your GE 7098 MCC Buckets upgraded with the latest technology and parts? A complete retrofit of the MCC Bucket is the way to go. Retrofit your General Electric 7098 MCC Bucket with the latest components. As an OEM for several major manufacturers, we can upgrade any GE 7098 MCC Bucket with new Soft Starters and Drives (VFD’s) to help better control your processes and lower your energy costs.

The original MCC Bucket is Class 1 Reconditioned at our Kokomo, IN MCC rebuild facility and outfitted with new components chosen by you or specified by our technical staff. All work is performed by our GE 7098 MCC Bucket experts.

Upgrade to Intelligent Motor Control

Upgrade your GE 7098 MCC buckets to intelligent motor control, or connect them to industrial networks, such as DeveiceNet, Profinet, or Ethernet/IP. We can supply GE 7098 MCC buckets with these capabilities and install them in your 7098 MCC. Have an older MCC?, Don’t settle for old technology.Intelligent Motor Control-x

For over 25 years Select Equipment Co. has been servicing and supporting GE MCCs and is the nations largest stocking supplier of Square 7098 replacement MCC Buckets and parts. Our MCC experts with over 60 years combined experience can assist you with any problem or request you might have with MCC Buckets and structures. We are the nation’s largest stocking supplier of GE 7098 MCC Bucket types and models.

General Electric 7098 MCC Parts Available

– Stab Assemblies
– Circuit Breakers
– Fusible Disconnects
– Doors
– Handle Operators
– Mounting Hardware
– Pilot Devices
– Replacement Motor Starters
– Heater Elements
– Overload Relays
– Control Transformers
– Contact kits
– Replacement Starter Coils